Same Day Funding

As handles your approval process, our customer service representatives can offer same day funding for a fee of $5. This fee will be added to your first payment. This means the money could be in your account within a few hours.

By paying this fee, will use commercially reasonable efforts to effect a credit entry by depositing the proceeds outlined in your Agreement into your bank account on the same day as your Agreement approval date. Unavoidable delays as a result of bank holidays, the processing schedule of your individual bank, the untimely receipt of pay stubs, if such pay stubs are required, inadvertent processing errors, "acts of God", and/or "acts of terror" may extend the time for the deposit.

In the event that the disbursement is delayed, the Disbursement Date will automatically adjust to reflect the date when proceeds entered your Bank Account and you will not be charged a Same Day Funding Fee. We will not be responsible for any fee charged by your bank to receive same day funds. If you'd like to use one of our Same Day Funding methods, please contact us and let us know!

Please Note:
Same Day Funding option is available until 2:00 PM Central Time each business day, Monday thru Friday.

Our representatives may need some additional information to determine if your account or bank is compatible with our Same Day Funding methods. These options are only available through participating banks in our wire or debit card systems.